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Brand concept

The origin of our logotype

The captain with his pipe expresses a wolf in the ocean (LUPO DI MARE), that is, an old captain and represents marine that is the theme of SINACOVA.
Our goods are designed and produced on the basis of the tie-up with SINACOVA in Italy.

The feature and the concept of our goods

LUPO DI MARE(a wolf in the ocean)
We proclaim new colors every season on the basis of tricolor with the point about a captain's face.
One of the features about our marine wear is “richness” in the theme of yacht.
They are both waterproof and fashionable.
So you can wear them on the ocean or in a city.
The policy of our goods is “non-sex”, “non-age” and “the image of healthy”.
And “ high-quality”, “high-sense” and “reasonable price” are our policy in producing our goods.
                                               Thank you.
                                  translated by Souhei Okamoto

Greeting from the President

We really appreciate you using our products.
We always do our best offer our customers our original and creative goods and service on the basis of our business policy, that is to say high sensibility, high quality and reasonable price.
In 1981, we started to import the goods of SINACOVA from Italy directry and now they have become main goods of our company.
In Japan, marine resorts such as yacht harbors and their resort facilities are being built gradually, but life-style in marine resorts is much inferior to that in Europe.
We would like to assist you in creating the environment where you can enjoy marine life easily through the goods of SINACOVA from Italy.
What we really want to tell you is to imform you of the information about food, clothing, shelter and play in marine resorts.
We hope sincerely you grasp our concept.

                                               Thank you
2-4-5, Chuo-ku, Osaka Tanimachi Center Building 6th floor